Sid/Senpai. Yes, I'm a girl. 20+ Full time and purely EFL since 2010. Donghae along with Hyukjae brighten my days. I ship them as much as they ship themselves. Hyukmin are my ultimate Bro-otp.
We Just Hang Out


April 1st 2012 will be remembered as a very fond day when Leeteuk killed his own phone by tweeting his number, Heechul role-playing as Sulli, Eunhyuk is recording his ‘solo album’, Ryeowook being a giraffe and flying out of the country, Donghae revealing his ELF-room as well as the members attacking each other using derpy pictures of each other.

Indeed a very fond day with beautiful memories.

Life as an ELF feels good because there is Super Junior.

cute kitty hae with bunny hyuk

hyukjae convo with his silly friend donghaek

when you have an interview and a leedonghaek by your side at the same time

Listener asked hyuk to call donghae

Hyuk: I don’t know if he’ll answer.. and he won’t know it’s a broadcast so it can get.. dangerous.. He’s not in my recent call list.have I not called him recently? Calling him now ㅋㅋ

Donghae answered the phone but there is music playing.

Hyuk: hello? hello? so loud. what are you doing?

Hae: why why why

Hyuk: What are you doing?

Hae: where are you?

Hyuk: This is SUKIRA~

hae: you’re kidding me right?

hyuk: no!

hae: you’re lying

hyuk: I’m not!

hae: you’re getting a massage now, right?

Hyuk: I’m not!

Hae: Can I say this again on Sukira?

Hyuk: Do it

Hae: I’m preparing an D&E album with Eunhyuk-ee hyung right now

Hae was going to come today, but he received a lot of stress today so he was tired

Hae requested for his new 1+1 song, and Hyuk said they don’t have the digital right now.

Hae: you have the song!

Hyuk: I have the song file but we can’t play that.

Hae: Then I request for.. a pop song right?

Hyuk: sure

Hae: Then I request for Man in the Mirror

Ryeowook had asked Hae to DJ this week, but he said he cannot DJ alone


Lee Donghyuh = Lee Dong tongue —(via shirade)

140929 - eunhae little cute convo on sukira kkk///all trans by nksubs


Stop with the precious okay?  Just stop.

cr _EASTSEA_// do not edit
cr _EASTSEA_// do not edit
Anonymous: I'm not big on kpop, and I couldn't name a band to save my life, but fucking kim heechul made me lose a bet tonight, I swore they were pictures of lady gaga. I'm a 23 year old guy into metal and indie, and thanks to fucking kim heechul I shaved 1 leg and 1 arm. But I have mad respect for this dude and his bandmates, cause shit if it don't take balls for 15 bros to dance in heels. yours was the first blog I found, just thought I'd give some kpoppers a good ol giggle, that is all.


HE’S GOOD RIGHT??? i’m sorry you lost the bet but this message just made my week omg bless u

Video by Dynamite0404

Hae slaps Hyuk’s butt.

So I /finally/ updated Crashing Tides [ if anyone still reads it omg]  and also added a new one to Collections.

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