Sid/Senpai. Yes, I'm a girl. 20+ Full time and purely EFL since 2010. Donghae along with Hyukjae brighten my days. I ship them as much as they ship themselves. Hyukmin are my ultimate Bro-otp.
We Just Hang Out

eunhyukee44: Tokyo Tower 

"but his eyes say what he can’t. i see it, clear as day"

[INFO] Leeteuk will soon take part in a SM hoobae’s variety show

cr: Teukbar | elf_ninida



140722 MC Victoria - The Ultimate Group Episode 1 (Super Junior)

+ Preview 2

@donghae861015 I just got off from my work and working out ! instagram.com/p/qx9RNEIbaQ/

it’s gonna be a good day because of otp

how to handle with hacker - Eunhae’s tyle~

'All about Super Junior' HQ scan | cr: youngwoonjungsu


Donghae New IG Update | 140722\23

dongdonglee1015Good Night :)

dongdonglee1015:Please don’t hack


D&E for ray magazine cover | cr.韩希羽0604

All about Super Junior: Treasure Within Us

Kimheenim: met my best friend Lee Hyukjae at the underground parkinglot #earphone #intimatenote#refreshing game #KimHeechulNice

trans: nksubs

surprise bear hug from siwoo leaving taekyung flustered n///n

super junior as youtubers

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