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kelly-is-elf: the fan account where kyu says "sj not popular anymore" is fake, made up by a different fandom to make elf look bad. dont worry :)

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Donghai1015: I’m so touched by your present today !! Very beautiful !! Thank you !! I lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove you all !! Good night !!
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kpop idols dont owe us anything. all we can ask for is that they make good music for us. everything else that they do: fan service and interactions with us and social media and everything, that is all extra; those are privileges, not rights. they dont have to ever discuss their personal lives with us, yet they do. kpop idols do not owe us an explanation or an apology for anything they do in their personal lives. 

Super Junior will appear on M Countdown on October 23. They will perform This is Love and Evanesce.


He obviously needs more stuff to do \o/

'THIS IS LOVE' 7jib special album edition 10/27 [1392x963]

'THIS IS LOVE' 7JIB Special Album Schedule

10/17: Song Teaser ’ 3 new songs’ 12KST

10/18-19: MV teaser

10/20: MV release

10/23: MCD Special Stge

10/27: Album release (Individial cover)

the person that i love is you.


people are also using #미안해슈주 (sorry suju)


I’ll tell you what I think. And I’m from an asian country (Sri Lanka to be exact where tradition, loyalty, respect etc is very important. We still have arranged marriages for god sakes)

1 - How do you know he was only interested in his wedding? Did he back out from any promotions or anything regarding to his career and SJ? Yes, he might have used effort in marriage (anyone would! would you completely devote yourself to your work neglecting your marriage preparations if you were in that same position…so it’s a given) but that doesn’t mean he forgot SJ. When did you get the vibe he neglected SJ? we didn’t see any difference of him before we knew about this marriage. 

2 - He is a idol. It doesn’t mean he has to announce every single thing about his private life to the public. Did you expect him to say 'hey, I'm on my first date!''woo going on the second date today!…well if you did expect that, you’re just plain wrong.

And about him telling first, he did apologise for us finding it through article first. (go read his blog update)

3 - I can’t defend the thing about the signature. One reason is because I can’t read korean so I cannot understand. And if it’s true then that’s very unprofessional of him because fans pay for his signature not the nickname of his girlfriend. Read

4 - Personally, I think if he ignored the fans talking about his marriage, it’s because he hadn’t yet made an official announcement about the marriage. So he can’t just say yes or no to every random fan who ask about the marriage. And besides the managers did control the event. Can you remember the fan account where he said “ah, can’t even talk”. 

5 - How on earth is that sungmin’s fault? How does that logic even work out?  Sungmin didn’t stop you from buys albums, did he? If fans want super junior to get awards they they should work for that, not trying to kick another member out. How about you gather all this energy that use to bash a member (who is about to get married) and put it to good use and get that award you want. Don’t you think it’s more logical?

6 - Refer to the previous comment. I thought GDA was about fans buying albums and voting. If fans choose to not buy albums because they hate one member, don’t you think it’s fans fault for winning the award for the rest of them? So technically it’ll be ELF’s fault. (This just proves you just need a reason to hate on him.)

7 - Yes, it might be the reason he looked upset during Swing promotions. But try to understand that it wasn’t something he could explain and make an announcement about at that point of time. 

8 - I agree that it’s unprofessional. But does he have to leave Super Junior because of that? (I’m putting this in brackets coz it’s my own opinion and you don’t have to accept that. The accusation ‘wishing happy birthday in a secret way’ dosn’t bother me at all. We would even do such secret stuff even with our best friends. Imagine having mutual joke with your best friend and hinting about it while you’re in a big group of friends. Others wouldn’t know what you’re hinting about except your friend who shares the joke with you….I find this to be a similar situation. It’s an innocent little fun. I watched that part again and actually laughed with the members. Even members teased him. SO OBVIOUSLY they weren’t mad with him and definitely didn’t want to kick him out -_-)

9 - Of course he can’t choose. Both are precious to him. One side is the love of his life and on the other side his brothers. It’s as simple as that. He didn’t choose any side, did he?

10 -  I don’t know this is true or not. And I don’t believe things without evidence. But if you insist it’s true, it’s understandable. He chose to admit the truth to the people he trusted. And by the looks of it he was right to do so because these fans are already ganging up against his just coz he didn’t let them on his secrets. 

11 - From this one, I can only gather that he truly love her. (As mingteukies said, he was actually very clever about it. He obviously know it’s gonna be a shit storm when the marriage news comes out. So by marrying now, before his enlistment, he gives both his fans and himself time to calm down. If he decided to marry after the enlistment people are still gonna hate no matter what.) I can’t say anything else because obviously I can’t read his mind. BUT if the members agreed and respect his decision while knowing he’s putting everyone’s careers on the line, then YOU shouldn’t have a problem with it.

12 - Sungmin isn’t ruining anything. It’s narrow minded fans that making small stuff into big things, is ruining it. You all do realise that no other person outside of ELF is hating on SJ, don’t you? We’re digging our own grave. You do realise that we can move on from this utter bullshit but we ourselves aren’t letting go? Do you think if you force Sungmin out that other members won’t be sad and will happily continue SS6?

13 - I honestly don’t know what letters this is about. So I can’t comment on it.

14 - I don’t understand how the any of the above accusations is because of a culture difference. I honestly do not understand. So someone please enlighten me. I’m not mocking, I’m sincerely asking because I don’t know.

Well, that’s what I think.

I didn’t defend him on some of the accusations because I also think it’s wrong and unprofessional. And he is at the wrong for the way he handled this situation. So I also think he should apologise to some extent. BUT is it really worthwhile to kick him out of Super Junior. Do you think it’s okay to forget what he did over all these years just because he made these mistakes?

Do you remember how he would give his everything to his performances to not disappoint fans? Do you remember when performed on stage while being sick or with injured leg (and that happened several times)?

Did he EVER made trouble for Super Junior (before this shit storm)?

So the one time he made a mistake, you want him out? No second chances? The one time he thought about his own happiness, you want him to leave? You call him selfish for that? Have you forgotten his selfless actions before this?

We say we’re ELF and sometimes even mock other fandoms and shove it in their faces saying we’re ELF, we’re family, no one can beat our bond. Do you realise that they must be laughing at us right now?

Apart from the ELF being broken, what about the members? Do you think they will be happy if you rip apart their family and kick out their brother of 10+ years? Specially Sungmin who all of them adore so much.

I didn’t write this to mock any of you. This is my opinion and this is how I see it. I am disappointed at some of the things he did, but I understand. 

And hope this helped for some fans who would blindely believe whatever they see on the internet.

And if this doesn’t urge you to come to your senses then listen to this one thing:

You might want him gone but there’re thousands more who want him to stay….so you have no right to speak for all of us.


Read this and understand how hypocritical and childish you’re acting.

And I updated my point #3. The link explain everything. 

You don’t  have to apologize for NOTHING, my heart hurts.(╥﹏╥)
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